Ever been on a diet or ‘summer cut’ and wanted to get fast food but just didn’t know what you could get without feeling guilty? Millions of people have at some point or another. Aside from dedicated restaurants and food outlets which specifically produce and sell healthy food (which there aren’t many of), there really is limited choice and knowledge available to health-conscious consumers. This is where MunchRight steps in. 


We have worked with local restaurants and takeaways to discover which meals they offer are healthy. Takeaways and fast-food outlets tend to be tarnished with an unhealthy tag. However, it is not so much the restaurant itself but the consumer’s choices which make it unhealthy. To illustrate this point let us take the beloved donner kebab compare it with the not-so-popular chicken kebab; to most people they will class these two meals in the same category of ‘unhealthy takeaway’ when in actual fact that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Where a donner kebab may be extremely high in saturated fat and loaded with calories (1000+), a chicken kebab is 400-500 calories with a healthy dose of protein; 400-500 calories is a caloric amount suitable for almost any diet. It’s just grilled chicken, pitta bread , a side of salad and a small tub of sauce. Much healthier than the time-convenient supermarket steak pies and oven pizzas!


This isn’t just subject to chicken kebabs though. There are loads of different dishes in different cuisines which are actually suitable options for someone wanting a nutritious meal. We have worked with the chefs to conduct nutritional analysis on the selected dishes so that all you calorie counters will know what is in a typical serving of that particular dish. 


Gone are the days where you have to feel guilty when ordering a takeaway. There is nothing healthier than a home cooked meal in which everything is calculated and made with fresh ingredients. However, sometimes the hectic work schedule in today’s society can get the better of us, and finding the time to make these nutritious meals can be extremely difficult. This issue is what MunchRight aims to address. When you’re strapped for time and want to stick to your diet, use MunchRight. We are not trying to paint fast food in a good light; we are merely trying to paint the healthy options in a good light.


Takeaways themselves aren’t unhealthy. It’s a lack of knowledge in nutrition when making choices that makes them unhealthy. So long as you stick to the MunchRight sections on the menus, you can be sure that your meal is of a reasonable standard with regards to its nutritional value.